Maxwood Washrooms

Our code of conduct

We will greet all customers, suppliers and stakeholders in a warm and friendly manner, trying to use their names where and as often as appropriate

Visitors to any of our premises will be greeted within 30 seconds of entering and addressed in a polite, professional and friendly manner

We will treat every customer fairly and equally

It is our policy to become renowned as a giver, and we will give gifts as part of our standard sales and marketing procedures.

We pledge to provide unparalleled customer service to ensure all customers enjoy their experience working with us

All employees will know the needs of their customers so that we deliver products and services that they expect

We will strive to meet all customer deadline requests – we will work to under-promise and over-deliver

All customer complaints will be dealt with in a prompt and efficient manner; any member of staff that receives a customer complaint ‘owns’ that complaint until resolved and will follow-up to ensure it is resolved to the customer’s satisfaction

Our business is to be built on testimonials from satisfied customers: we will do everything we possibly can to never lose a client

We will be friendly and polite and not let conversations with customers, suppliers and other stakeholders lose professionalism

Use proper telephone etiquette; answer within 3 rings and with a ‘smile’. When necessary, ask the caller’s permission to place on hold. Direct all calls effectively, efficiently and in good nature.

We will work together as a team, focusing on being the best at what we do and ensuring each customer contract is a success

We will treat each team member as we ourselves would want to be treated; remember, ‘a team is a group of people who go out of their way to make each other look good’

We will be open to giving and receiving suggestions or ideas to improve customer service and the overall culture of the company and it’s systems

Each member of staff recognises that they are a representative of the organisation in and outside of the workplace – everything we say and do must support our Mission Statement and Corporate Values